​Caelum Capital

Caelum Capital

Caelum Capital is an independent strategic advisor and early stage activist investor focused on Southeast Europe and other emerging markets.

Current and former clients include international financial institutions, regional and national governments, multinational corporations, technology startups, and exceptional individuals.

Caelum is strictly discriminating in deal selection and its compensation structure is success oriented.


Caelum's trusted reputation is the result of:

  1. Adhering to strict levels of confidentiality
  2. Employing people of exceptional character, expertise, and determination
  3. Maintaining a workplace encouraging technical objectivity and entrepreneurial freedom
  4. Remaining politically astute, yet unaligned ensuring less vulnerability to the inevitable changes in transition economies
  5. Our commitment to the betterment of local communities where we are active


George Sarcevich, Managing Director

George is a corporate finance and venture capital professional. He started his career as a NYC-based investment banker covering energy, telecom, and sovereign clients with Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns.

He co-founded Bastion Group, a Belgrade-based financial advisor purchased by KBC Securities, and Eagle Ventures, the first technology venture capital fund targeting Southeast Europe. 

He is a board member of the Serbian Association of American Football and a two-time Head Coach of the national team.